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Who We Are

Strategic Wealth Inc. is a wealth management firm with offices in Chicago, New York, Dallas, New England, New Jersey, and Indiana founded by Cliff Morgan and Todd Thomae. Our team is dedicated to helping families, professionals, and business owners plan for a brighter financial future. Read more.

How We Can Help

We understand that you are busy, and that your time is precious. When it comes to figuring out how to plan for your future, you may feel overwhelmed. That’s where our expertise comes in. We can prevent you from wasting time and effort, and offer you clarity and guidance.

 Our team consists of highly skilled tax attorneys and financial strategists who intimately know and understand the intricacies of the world of finance. We get to know you and your unique circumstances personally, and will spend time helping you to truly understand your financial situation and the opportunities that are available to you.

  • We’ll help you see the big picture and work with you to craft individualized and effective financial strategies that offer you significant savings and peace of mind.  Whether by reducing taxes, reducing college costs, helping you to invest wisely, or eliminating other negative wealth transfers – we are committed to helping you save money.
  • We will personally coordinate and see you through the entire wealth management process to optimal profitability. Life is about more important things than finances – it’s about enjoying the journey. We take pride and satisfaction in knowing we can help you to do that!
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